Search Engine Pinalty

Each search engine of course, have provisions that should never be violated by the owner of the website or blog. Similarly, Google (the world's largest search engine) will provide a penalty for the web or blog that tries to commit fraud. To avoid a penalty from Google, here are some tips from several sources on the Internet, namely:
  • As much as possible avoid making the content of other websites. When you take content from another website, do editing by adding a known article, related to the content or can by mentioning the source from which such content originated. Do not reproduce pages, subdomains, or domains with similar content, because your blog will be deemed to have duplicate content with other blogs. Google does not like this. 
  • Should avoid too much repetition of words within a page. Repetition is the repetition of a word should be as where it should. Because if too much repetition of words, search engines will consider it as an attempt to raise the rank.
  • Avoid link from / or to a porn site.
  • Do not be too many new links, because it will make our blog as a link farm by Google.
  • Do not be too much to do interlinking. Avoid interlinking whose objective was to increase search engine rankings. If it is readable by the search engine rankings in an effort to raise the result to be obtained on the contrary, the ranking will actually fall.
  • Do not put a hidden link. Hidden links is done the old way webmasters to include a lot of writing, then give in accordance with the background color of the blog so that the link is not visible.
  • Do not use the Cloaking. Cloaking used to trick the search engines, for example if the search engine do the crawling, pagae A will be displayed, then if the user is doing borwsing, page B is displayed.
  • Do not send automated queries to Google, an example of automated query is to use the program submit to a search engine mass.
  • Avoid filling the blog page with words that are not relevant to the content of the blog.
Tips so that your website / blog does not get a penalty from Google. May be useful

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